Nyepi Day on 07 March

During the Hindu Day of Silence (Nyepi, this year from 07 March sunrise to 08 March sunrise) Hindus are not allowed to turn on lights or light fires, may not do physical activities and cannot travel or take part in entertainment.

Even the International airport will be closed, but air planes will be able to transit for technical landings and for fuel refilling.

Travellers are not allowed to leave the hotel, they have to stay within the hotel’s premises.

Be aware when going out on 06 March, taxis will stop their service in the early evening, shops and restaurants close at 10pm or earlier. All staff will head home to their villages, but your hotel’s staff will stay with you for 24 hours.

Of course our spa will close for Nyepi. You may visit us on any other day of the year. We wish you a pleasant Nyepi Day of relaxation and contemplation.