Lulur from Sekar Jagat Spa

Sachet with 1000 g lulur powder of Sekar Jagat Spa

Sekar Jagat Spa Lulur powder in a coconut bowl

From time to time we get enquiries regarding Lulur Sekar Jagat, we would like to give some useful information here:

A 100 gram canned and ready-to-use lulur with protected name Lulur Sekar Jagat you can purchase on the Internet at various sites, this specific item is not made by us.

Our Boutique Spa’s name is Sekar Jagat Spa. These are polite Balinese words and mean flowers of the earth. Beside providing Balinese spa treatments at our place we also produce a wide range of fine Balinese spa products, such as Lulur from Sekar Jagat Spa, this lulur is of outstanding quality, produced under our label Sekar Taman. Our lulur powder is made of natural and finest ingredients, keeps for more than six months and is easy to prepare. You can choose amongst 14 different kinds, all available in 1kg packs, starting from US$20. You can purchase directly from us, find all information at our Balinese spa product page.

By the way, there’s also a famous Balinese dance with name Tari Sekar Jagat, you may enjoy to watch this video on YouTube.

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