Bali Art | Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua

Entrance of Museum Pasifika in Nusa Dua Resort


Inner courtyard

One of eleven exhibition rooms

Embedded in the beautiful gardens of Nusa Dua Resort, Museum Pasifika offers an interesting addition to sunbathing, dining and shopping in that area: a collection of Pacific premier art, mainly 300 paintings, a few sculptures and around 250 objects.

In the “artists in Bali and Indonesia” section you’ll find paintings from famous Balinese artists like Nyoman Gunarsa and also fine art of Europeans having lived in Bali like Rudolf Bonnet, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur, Han Snel, Emilio Ambron, Theo Meier and Maria Hofker, only to name a few.

Furthermore Museum Pasifika put new accents by introducing art from the Pacific regions, namely Indochina, Polynesia, Melanesia and China, something unique to Balinese museums.

The exhibition is designed as a walk through eleven rooms, each dedicated to a certain topic:

Room I: Indonesian and Balinese artists

Room II: Italian artists in Bali

Room III: Dutch artists in Bali and Indonesia

Room IV: French artists in Bali and Indonesia

Room V: Indo-European artists in Bali and Indonesia

Room VI: Temporary exhibition of tapas from Oceania

Room VII: Indochina peninsula: French and Vietnamese artists on Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam

Room VIII:Polynesia and Tahiti artworks

Room IV: Premier art of Vanuatu and the Pacific Island

Room X: Journey in China

Room XI: Asia: several paintings of Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines

Museum Pasifika – Museum Pacific Asia
Nusa Dua Resort, BTDC Area, Block P
Admission fee IDR50.000 (less than US$6)
Open daily from 10am to 6pm
Ph 62-361 77 49 35 / 77 49 35

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