Monument of Independence War 1945 | Monumen Perang Kemerdekaan

Monument of Independence War Bali 1945, war of liberation Indonesia

Monument of Independence War 1945, Jimbaran

memorial of libaration war Indonesia Bali

400 years ago…

Strange but true

You might think this impressive building is of ancient times, but in fact this memorial was built in 2008 and is even not yet open for public.

These are probably the very first pictures on the Internet showing the “Monumen Perang Kemerdekaan 1945 di Jimbaran”, Jimbaran’s Monument of Independence War 1945.

The monument makes a nice landmark, located diagonally across from our spa.

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One thought on “Monument of Independence War 1945 | Monumen Perang Kemerdekaan

  1. Anavar

    So was the original monument ruined and the new replicate was build, or is this copy build on different location. It would be very impressive if this 400 years old monument were preserve that well.