Dumont Travel Guidebook’s Favourite Spa in Bali

Dumont travel guide Bali

European travel guidebook publisher DuMont discovered us years ago and since then reports favourably of our spa while continuously controlling our performance.

In the following a translation from German into English of the one-page entry in Dumont Travel Guidebook Bali 2010 (page 136):

Author’s favourite spa in Bali: Sekar Jagat Spa

Relaxation at a high level

The treatment room seems to blend into one with the garden. Here you can enjoy Balinese Royal Body Lulur and have a bath in blossoms, the traditional body treatment designed for princess brides.

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Lieblingsort des Autors: Sekar Jagat Spa

Entspannen auf hohem Niveau

Der Raum scheint mit dem Garten zu verschmelzen. Hier kann man wie einst balinesische Prinzessinnen vor ihrer Hochzeit die Körpermaske Balinese Royal Body Lulur geniessen und zum Schluss in Blüten baden.

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