Musings of a Beauty Junkie

treatment room

Beauty professional Rachael B. from Australia blogs about our spa. Thank you!

My room (above) looked lovely! The beauty treatment always begins with an aromatic foot soak to cleanse the feet, it was a nice touch with the added frangipani flowers in the bowl filled bowl and the colourful bowl of flowers under the head rest you can view whilst being massaged if you feel the need to open your eyes. The real pampering starts with an amazing 75min Balinese Body Massage using the fingers and palm of the hand with movement variations such as pressure point and palm pressure and then using firm long strokes, kneading, circling and folding to release tension in tight musclesand promote well being. The massage oil is a high quality coconut or soya oil infused with essential oils of frangipani and jasmine. Pure Bliss!

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