Nice Comment On Our Massage Course

“Very efficient Balinese Massage class, with professional teacher, relaxed atmosphere”

This spa school is really professional.The online registration was very easy and I was offered a free airport-pick up as well as a daily pick-up from my hotel to the spa school. I attended a 4 day balinese massage course with additional hot stone massage. My teacher, Ibu Putu, was very professional and explained / showed me with a lot of patience the massage techniques and correctec me, if I applied them wrong. I had a one-on-one course with a teacher and a model, which was strenuous but very focused and efficient to practice a lot. I could even enjoy myself a free massage to feel the different techniques on my own body thich was also very helpful in the learning process.
They served delicious food for lunch and good ginger tea and Bali coffee.
All in all I am very satisfied with this massage course I took at Sekar Jagat Spa.

Mrs Bea, Jakarta

Thank you so much, Mrs Bea, it was our pleasure to have you here at our course.