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Catering Nusa Dua Jimbaran Bali.

Your Event. Our Cuisine.

Rayunan Bali Catering delivers a wide range of high quality food: seafood, red and white meat, gluten free meals, normal vegetarian, jain vegetarian food, and a children menu. All our food is pork-free. Choose among buffet solutions and box catering. We can deliver to you or you have your event at our beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay.

Balinese cuisine is always exotic and interesting, and has a lot of flavours. The spices used range from light until complete. Quality and presentation from basic until very luxury, depends on to whom will be served. Levels range from Makanan over Ajengan to Rayunan. Rayunan is considered the highest class with well selected material that’s well prepared, professionally cooked, and beautifully presented. Here in our catering product we try to serve best quality and presentation for our customers, at a reasonable price.

Mrs Indri is the owner as well as the masterchef and she will make sure to cover your various needs and requirements.

Your Event. Our Venue.
Looking for a beautiful venue? Have your event at our beachfront restaurant at Jimbaran Bay, for an unforgettable evening!

We are based in Nusa Dua and Jimbaran and serve all over Bali. We have been in restaurant business for a long time, one of our restaurants is Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant at Kelan beach. You will benefit from our long experience, expertise and work power.

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